What function does the steel head of the safety shoe have, how to wear the foot

For safety shoes, we all know that safety shoes compared to ordinary shoes, the big difference is that it has a protective head in front of the foot (generally use steel head), and then protect the safety of the foot, so what is the function of the steel head of the safety shoes, if the wear of the foot how to do?
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Safety shoe steel head function
The steel head of the safety shoe is mainly anti-smashing, the impact resistance of the steel head is required, the impact test needs to be carried out with the specified weight of the impact hammer, when the steel head is impacted, the following clearance height is less than the specified value, and the axis can not appear any penetrating cracks, this steel head is really qualified. In the actual use of the safety shoe steel head can prevent a lot of sudden events, for example, in the workplace there are heavy objects hit the foot, the steel head can be a good protection of the foot, in the factory abrasive drop hit the foot, this situation can also greatly reduce the injury of the foot, so a high-quality safety shoes is an important equipment for frontline workers.
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Safety shoe steel tips precautions

1, can not use iron head. Safety shoes against smashing do not allow the use of iron head. The anti-smashing performance of the iron baotou can not meet the requirements of the national standard. Some low-cost safety shoes may use iron baotou, pay attention to distinguish.

2, insulation can not use steel head. According to the requirements of the new national standard of safety shoes GB21148-2020, if the safety shoelaces have insulation function, the steel head is not allowed to be used, and the non-metal protective head can only be used, such as the plastic head. This is different from the previous national standard, and it needs to be paid attention to when purchasing safety shoes.
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Safety shoes steel head grinding feet how to do

Safety shoes often wear the foot, and many are the steel head side to wear the instep, if this happens, there are two main solutions, one is to change a pair of shoes that do not wear the foot, but this is a waste of shoes, the other is to reduce the foot through other methods, generally speaking, by wearing thick socks to reduce friction, There is also a wet cloth in the steel head to cover the ground foot, use a small hammer to gently beat, so that the concave and convex places become smooth.

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